Ex Persiba Scores Goal, His Team Wins In Singapore Premier League 2021

Singapore League

Khairul Amri just helped his team, Tanjong Pagar United against Hougang United FC in Singapore. The match, which was held by the Singapore Premier League 2021, turned out to be a victory for the Tanjong Pagar United Team.
The Tanjor Pagar United team must visit the headquarters of Hougang United FC in the Singapore Premier League on Saturday, July 24, 2021 ago. The match in the first half resulted in no goals at all for both teams.

This is because the defense of the two teams between Tanjong Pagar United and Hougang United FC is equally strong. But in the second half, after the first three minutes, Tanjong Pagar United managed to knock down the opponent’s defense, Hougang United FC. And the score was changed to 1-0, due to a pass scored by Reo Nishiguchi and then immediately used by Anaqi Ismit. In the 61st minute, finally Anaqi Ismit was replaced by Khairul Amri.

Not wanting to be left behind, Hougang United FC also carried out several attacks on the opposing team, Tanjong Pagar United. Finally, after the efforts made, in the 62nd minute, Tomoyuki Doi equalized to make it 1-1.
Tomoyuki Doi immediately scored with a direct free kick. Seeing the attack scored by the opposing team, Tanjong Pagar United immediately caught up. It didn’t take long for Tanjong Pagar United to catch up.

Then in the 67th minute, the second goal was immediately scored by Luiz Junior for the Tanjong Pagar United team. Finally the position changed to a score of 2-1, with Tanjong Pagar United still leading for the time being. When entering the 88th minute, then Reo Nishiguchi scored the third goal again. This is due to getting a new bait from Fathullah Rahmat. With this goal from Reo Nishiguchi, Tanjong Pagar United was able to win 3-1 over Hougang United FC.

Then in injury time, Khairul Amri managed to score the fourth goal. This can happen after the bait that was successfully obtained from Suhairi Sabri. Because it was the fourth goal that changed the score back to 4-1 over Hougang United FC.

It should be noted that Khairul Amri is one of the players who has played for a local Indonesian club, Persiba Balikpapan. Currently, Khairul Amri has also become a mainstay of players for the Singapore national team. Not only are the Singapore National Team proud, but the Indonesian National Team is also proud to have Khairul Amri. Even Khairul Amri had time to break into the defense of the Indonesian National Team.

This happened when the Indonesian national team was in the group stage of the 2016 AFF Cup at the Rizal Memorial Stadium on November 25, 2016. During that match, Khairul scored a goal in the 27th minute. But at the end of the match the Indonesian National Team managed to score a goal with Andik Vermansyah in the 62nd minute. Then there was Stefano Lilipaly in the 85th minute of the match which was held at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. And the match ended with a score of 2-1.

Who would have thought that Khairul Amri was one of the players who had gone to international? No wonder the way to play is even more qualified, this can also be one of the abilities possessed by Khairul Amri. For soccer betting, the Singapore League is still not as popular as in the more interesting slot online games. How? Interested in this one article? Don’t forget to read other interesting articles.